Learning HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Image of a computer screen with HTML Markup

Tonight, I am taking my second class in Graphic Design for the Web – which is essentially a fancy way of saying HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

After last weeks class, I have been reading a chapter in the book, Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & Web Graphics 5th Edition, by Jennifer Robbins, every day and have surprisingly loved it.  All the aspects that go into creating an HTML doc is basically like a giant puzzle…and I looove puzzles!  🙂 

We learned how to set up a HTML Document, Text Elements, Links, and Images!  Seems like quite the handful for just one class, but after reviewing the chapters several times, everything is starting to make much more sense.  Learning the basics is extremely important in understanding how everything works within the HTML structure.  If something is wrong in the structure, then the whole website could possibly fail!

For tonights class, I will continue to learn HTML5 and the essentials covered over the three chapters we covered in class as well as complete some simple exercises.  I’ll also be able to use a couple extensions in my Brackets program that will detect minute errors as well as help with basic coding.  Sounds great to me!!

Published by Ryan Trautmann

Illustrator, Graphic Artist & Designer

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