Graphic Design

Starting My Graphic Design Certificate Journey


Marketing my Business

My final logo design. I wanted something that featured my initials so I can sign my personal art quickly. Something unique that says a bit about what I love to do ~ Art!

A part of my coursework was creating a business card, so I decided to update my old design as well as incorporate my new logo. I designed this piece in Adobe Illustrator.

Creating Flyers for my Business

An additional part of the Graphic Design course was to create flyers for the business. Since I decided from the beginning I was going to promote my own website/portfolio, flyers for different areas of work I do made sense to me! I liked the idea of breaking the normal “here’s a link to my portfolio” routine. Attaching one of these flyers to my resume will get my art to a potential clients’ desk rather than relying on them clicking the link to my online portfolio. To keep with my branding, I also incorporated the same color scheme as well as my newly designed logo & contact information.

Tri-Fold Brochure Design

The final for my graphic design course was to design a brochure to market a business using Adobe InDesign. Since I chose my own services as an artist for my business, I made this brochure more akin to visual resume. I really liked this idea of having a visual/one sheet of paper that could portray my design sensibilities & skills.


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