Graphic Design

Starting My Graphic Design Certificate Journey & Marketing my Business My final logo design. I wanted something that featured my initials so I can sign my personal art quickly. Something unique that says a bit about what I love to do ~ Art! A part of my coursework was creating a business card, so IContinue reading “Graphic Design”

Learning HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Tonight, I am taking my second class in Graphic Design for the Web – which is essentially a fancy way of saying HTML, CSS, and Javascript. After last weeks class, I have been reading a chapter in the book, Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & Web Graphics 5th Edition, by Jennifer Robbins, every dayContinue reading “Learning HTML/CSS/JavaScript”

Design Work While @

  Message to the reader: In my most recent role as  Graphic Artist/Designer for Lifezette, I received admiration & reaffirmation for my design sense & for the intuition I brought to each article based on the content & needs of the author. My unique challenge was most of the content of this organization & myContinue reading “Design Work While @”