More CSS!

The past week has been a very in depth CSS study week over a couple of chapters from my book, Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & Web Graphics 5th Edition, by Jennifer Robbins.  No surprises there – Cascading Style Sheets has a number of extremely important functions for presenting the HTML markup in various ways that make it easy and clear for the audience to read.

I explored The Element Box Model and how to specify/control box functions using various properties in CSS.  Specifying Dimensions, Padding, Margins, Assigning Display Types, and Box Drop Shadows were all discussed in this chapter.  These properties help to precisely manipulate the space inside and outside specific elements (or possibly all elements).

So far, i’ve learned about properties and attributes that only control the display of elements in the flow of text.  The floating & positioning properties, however, change things up a bit.  Now, I can break up the normal flow of text and place any element box anywhere on the page.  Very Cool!

This week, and for the remainder of my design career, I will be continuing my CSS studies; as it is critical for todays’ webpages.  After a couple of weeks of studying/classes under my belt, I really am very excited to develop my current skills as well as learn new ones!


Learning HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Image of a computer screen with HTML Markup

Tonight, I am taking my second class in Graphic Design for the Web – which is essentially a fancy way of saying HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

After last weeks class, I have been reading a chapter in the book, Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & Web Graphics 5th Edition, by Jennifer Robbins, every day and have surprisingly loved it.  All the aspects that go into creating an HTML doc is basically like a giant puzzle…and I looove puzzles!  🙂 

We learned how to set up a HTML Document, Text Elements, Links, and Images!  Seems like quite the handful for just one class, but after reviewing the chapters several times, everything is starting to make much more sense.  Learning the basics is extremely important in understanding how everything works within the HTML structure.  If something is wrong in the structure, then the whole website could possibly fail!

For tonights class, I will continue to learn HTML5 and the essentials covered over the three chapters we covered in class as well as complete some simple exercises.  I’ll also be able to use a couple extensions in my Brackets program that will detect minute errors as well as help with basic coding.  Sounds great to me!!

Design Work While @

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In my most recent role as  Graphic Artist/Designer for Lifezette, I received admiration & reaffirmation for my design sense & for the intuition I brought to each article based on the content & needs of the author. My unique challenge was most of the content of this organization & my personal values did/do not align; which made it very difficult to remain satisfied with my role.

Although I had/have personal challenges with the content in which I provided graphics for, Lifezette allowed me the opportunity to create, design & edit images for half of all published media on its’ website.  I was an asset to Lifezette only because of my skills & abilities —

But now…both personally & professionally, I need to contribute more to the values I hold; with the broader movement in today’s day & age.  I am best when I can give purpose and meaning towards what I create, & that is the role I hope to fill in the near future.

Here is a link to a more descriptive approach to the work I did at Lifezette.