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In my most recent role as  Graphic Artist / Designer for Lifezette, I received admiration & reaffirmation for my design sense & for the intuition I brought to each article based on the content & needs of the author. My unique challenge was most of the content of this organization & my personal values did/do not align; which made it very difficult to remain satisfied with my role.

Although I had/have personal challenges with the content in which I provided graphics for, Lifezette allowed me the opportunity to create, design & edit images for half of all published media on its’ website.  I was an asset to Lifezette only because of my skills & abilities –</P

But now…both personally & professionally, I need to contribute more to the values I hold; with the broader movement in today’s day & age.  I am best when I can give purpose and meaning towards what I create, & that is the role I hope to fill in the near future.

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