Complete Designs While @ Lifezette

If you didn’t read my blog post about working at Lifezette, here is my experience.

In the slideshow above you will see three photos representing three different kinds of requests I could have received–

1. Simple vector images placed in some way to convey meaning: this piece called for pictures of the United States & guidance was to show some kind of economic event or possibility happening now or in the future.  Money symbols were placed in order to convey this message across quickly.

2.  Logos of companies in the news: the .png logo files were found of these cable groups online…I then added drop shadows, a colored background with lighting effect, blue coloring was added to give dimension to lettering, & a two-tone border.  With such little graphic content available for these kinds of requests, it was always important that the images were not flat & had dimension.

3.  A photo collage of some sort to convey a message: wether it was the capitol building burning and money falling down from the sky into the flames, or two politicians facing off in dispute with bright colors surrounding them…the most important thing was always to grab the attention of the viewers in some way (especially when viewers were visiting the site on their mobile devices!).

Below is some of the work I liked while working at Lifezette …


**I do not own rights to any photos used in the collages above & are used solely for the purposes of this portfolio!**

(Photos that required proper accreditation & licensure links, were properly done for’s site)

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