Advertisement Designs

On this page there are three separate kinds of advertisements I’ve done in the past.

Here is an advertisement I created for an advertising client that partnered with my most recent employer,  (read more about my experience with Lifezette here).


The partner, Woogi Global, needed several things added to the already created “Entrepreneurship” ad.  The blue bar at the top, with the addition of buttons, was added in order to entice viewers to click on the image & continue to the advertisers site.

Very simple Photoshop skills and dpi resolution knowledge were used in order to have the content viewable on modern web browsers (as seen below):


18/8 Men’s Barbershop & Salons Designs:

Another advertising experience was while employed at a men’s barbershop & salon.  I created flyers, brochures & advertisements to post in store & on the company’s social media accounts (which I designed & managed).  I designed a simple arrangement of text, using rulers, images & boxes in Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator.  The simple red & blue stripe design was the only custom made design I made in order to convey a barbershop-like atmosphere.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Houston City Book Illustrative Concept Ads :

Late 2016, I had the privilege of working for Houston CityBook, an online and print magazine.  I was contracted to do nine illustrations (just the illustrative work – not opposite page ads) based on hotel concepts that were coming to Downtown Houston & metro throughout 2017.  I had the writer’s copy & images of the actual hotel’s building concepts to go off of.  I was able to use those to my advantage in creating a cohesive look to all the concepts as well as try and match the tone of the writers’ work.

Here are some screenshots I took from their site in their Winter Issue 2017 that include my published works:

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 12.53.54 PM

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Illustrator, Graphic Artist & Designer

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