Flyer Designs

Displayed here are a couple flyers I designed using Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator to create:
(**All contact information was removed to protect the privacy of the clients**)


The flyer above was loads of fun to make!  Not only was it a joy to create, but it served a great purpose to get information to those interested in becoming a foster parent with the Latin American Youth Center.  I chose a muted warm green for the background to bring a happy energy to the viewer, as well as red boxes to draw the viewers’ eye to some important information.  I also chose to incorporate clouds as well because they are fun & keep the viewers’ eyes focused on the important information.


Above is a flyer that I made to advertise a fundraiser for Ruth’s Chris Steak House.  The client wanted it to look “clean”, hence the white background.  This project required a lot of planning for the amount of information needed to be presented.  The use of the rulers’ guidance in Photoshop was a great help!  After everything was planned out, I went into Illustrator in order to have nice crisp rasterized text & placed the images accordingly.

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Published by Ryan Trautmann

Illustrator, Graphic Artist & Designer