Print Layout Designs

Designs for the Medical Benevolence Foundation:

I really enjoyed working on this project, entitled “From Here To There”, for the Medical Benevolence Foundation – I designed a book layout with photographs taken on mission trips in Africa & Haiti, using InDesign, to be mass-produced for their donors.  The trickiest part was figuring out which images worked well together out of the many that was provided for me.  Like in my other design work, using rulers is essential (especially when producing work for print because of the eventual trimming by the printer/cutter).  Making sure important information within the images was not lost within the gutter (very center where the spine of the book is located) was also extremely important.  This project was tons of fun to help make…& in a way, giving incentive to potential donors to help people in need.  🙂  I wish I could share more of the work, but I feel it is not fair to the donors.


Designs for 18/8 Men’s Salons:

While I was employed at a Men’s Barbershop & Salon in Sugar Land Texas, I created flyers, brochures & advertisements to post in store & on the company’s social media accounts (which I designed and managed).  I laid out a simple arrangement of text, using rulers, images & boxes.  The simple red & blue stripe design was custom made to convey a barbershop-like atmosphere.

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